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Lens Power: -0.50D to -6.00D
Lens Per Box: 3
Lens Time Period: 1 Month
Flat 46% Off
Lens Power: -9.00D to 4.00D
Lens Per Box: 1
Lens Time Period: 1 Year
Flat 48% Off
Lens Power: -0.5D to -0.9D
Lens Per Box: 1
Lens Time Period: 1 Year
Flat 44% Off
Bausch & Lomb...
Lens Power:
Lens Per Box: 6
Lens Time Period: 1 month
Flat 35% Off
Bausch & Lomb
Lens Power:
Lens Per Box: 6
Lens Time Period: 1 month
Flat 0% Off

Change the Way You See the World with Top Quality Contact Lenses

Planning to dump those uncomfortable spectacles that you find absolutely uncomfortable to manage throughout the day? Eyefoster gives you the perfect alternative in the form of contact lenses that are highly comfortable for eyes and can enhance your vision substantially. The good news is that there are lenses you can wear as fashion accessories to spot gorgeous eyes and irresistible style. We offer lenses from some of the most reputed brands and in a large variety to match your needs as well as preferences. Simply know your eyes’ power and we can help you buy lenses right now.

 Choose from Unlimited Varieties

Depending on what types of vision problem you have, the types of lenses available and lens replacement options, you can explore our store to select:

  • Lenses that correct issues like myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism and others. The choices range from bifocal and multifocal lenses to toric and spherical lenses. We also offer soft contacts for people who have dry eye symptoms. 
  • Daily wear lenses that must be removed at night as well as extended wear lenses that can be worn overnight.
  • Lenses that can be worn for a single day (daily disposable) or lenses that should be replaced fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. 
  • Cosmetic colour contact lenses that are available in options like blue, green, brown, grey, hazel, honey and many more.

Buying Lenses at Eyefoster

We make the process to buy contact lenses absolutely simple and enjoyable. To begin with, select the correct eye power range category. You would find results from the top brands like Bausch & Lomb, Acuvue, Optix, PureVision and many more. Choose lenses according to preferred usage duration and number of lenses per box you wish to have. You can also select the price range in which you wish to buy lenses. Place the order for delivery to your doorsteps.

Why Buy With Eyefoster?

  • Lenses suitable for both men and women and for different age groups
  • Quality-tested lenses that cause no irritation or infection
  • Easy to clean and store lenses that are also easily disposable after usage
  • Cosmetic lenses available in unique designs, tints and styles
  • Huge daily discounts and offers to help you save money

Start shopping today and buy contact lenses for better vision.