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How to get eyeglasses at a cheaper rate? – Find your bargain method here!

Have you heard the word Cheap glasses? Well, well, well, this term sounds no cheaper now. You always have had an idea that cheap means of inferior quality. Say a big no to it. What if your optician prescribes you the eyeglasses that will break your budget? What if you don’t want to spend much […]

Matching Your Glasses With Your Outfit is a Priority!

In this prevailing 21st Century, you need style first and foremost than every other quality in this world. Every one among us has its characteristics. The way we dress-up, the way we carry ourselves, the way we put on accessories, the way we walk, and the way we respond through our body language to others […]

Top Ten Hacks to Remove Scratches From Your Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes is not at all a casual deal. Your eyes, and more importantly, your vision matters a lot. Thanks to technology that with increasing constraints, there are solutions available to all of the problems pertaining to eyewear. It is remarkable that extreme care eyewear is available in the market that serves a different […]

6 Tips to keep your eyes safe from harmful blue rays

How many of you can recall the concept of dispersion of light belonging back to the standard tenth? Okay, okay, don’t feel hesitated if you fail to remember it. Even I know a little! Light is made up of the seven primary hues that we abbreviately call VIBGYOR –  Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, […]

How to choose right glasses for your face shape?

Eyewear forms an integral part of your face. It does not only matter that what’s your face shape or how skin color reflects but also it matters that how you carry your face gestures. While we liter around an optical shop, many of the eyeglasses appear attractive to us, but, very few suits your face, […]

Contact Lenses vs. Eyeglasses – Which is Best Suitable For You

Your vision is your mission! There are personal preferences regarding what to use for better eyesight. What to choose eyeglasses or contact lens? – A subject of constant discussion. Well, I believe that factors like personal preferences followed by lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget, and aesthetics matter in selecting one over the other. There is a […]